Faith | Class of 2017 | Maine Senior Portrait Photographer

I shot Faith back in June and when she first walked in I could tell she was a bit nervous. Was I going to make her look like every other senior portrait out there? Smiling while sitting in a field of beautiful flowers with the sun streaming from behind...Um, no. I have known Faith for a few years and I knew that she was NOT about doing the traditional thing. Perfect, neither am I! I wanted it to be all about her and what she wanted to do. So we went to my favorite location and started shooting. 

It only took Faith a couple of minutes to get comfortable behind the camera and then we started to nail it! I love how these images captured her vibe as well as her fun personality (once we figured out how to get her not to fake smile) Lol!

We even got some with her and her Dad wearing Ozzy t-shirts!

Have an awesome Senior Year Faith!!

<3 Kayte

Watch me...

THIS! You MUST watch this. Right now. Seriously, stop what you are doing and watch this. Then watch it again! Then have a good cry. I'll wait...

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