It all started WITH A TINY LITTLE PACKET....

that I received in the mail and promptly forgot about. Ha! For months it was buried under piles of spam mail and catalogs. One day in my effort to clean up my act, I found it! Eureka! I raced to the bathroom, tore open this little packet of wonder and scrubbed all of the gook, gunk and years of yuck off my face. It felt like heaven! 

That's all it took. One use of this magical face scrub and I was hooked. Ordered my first kit that afternoon and then decided to join the business a month later. 


This is me

and these are my 1 year results from using Rodan and Fields. (these images are both makeup free)

Why would I, a busy wife, mother and professional photographer want to add this business to my plate? Well, because R+F stands for everything I stand for. Helping women (and men) love themselves from the inside out. I can give you a makeover, dress you up and take the most amazing and beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself. Then what? 

What if I could then send you home with the most amazing skincare in the country that will finally help you clear up that acne that you can't get rid of? Or dark Melasma from your 1st pregnancy (that's me!)? Or help soften the look of those fine lines and wrinkles that no amount of makeup can cover up? Would that round out the whole "making you feel beautiful from the inside out" vibe I'm going for?

Yea, I think it will!

If you haven't already gotten a sample of this amazing skin care then give me a ring, send me a message, or flag me down! I would be THRILLED to share it with you!

<3 Kayte