The Meader Family | Family | Maine Family Photographer

This session was one of the hardest sessions of my professional career so far. For one thing, I've know Jodi and Larry since I was a kid, like grade school. Ack! They've been a part of my family since then and when I found out that Jodi was diagnosed with Cancer, it brought my world crashing down. How could someone so young and full of life be facing such a horrible disease? I cried, threw things and basically stomped around the house in a fit. Like everyone around them, I tried to figure out something I could do. Sure, I could mow the lawn or bring meals, watch the kids. But everyone was lining up to do those things and it didn't seem enough. Then I realized that I could do something special for them and take family portraits. So, we booked the shoot two weeks into Chemo knowing that we were cutting it close. Jodi got her hair and makeup all done by the amazingly talented Melissa Doody at the Hair Gallery and we drove out to their camp to have the photo session. It had been raining all day and as soon as we got there, it stopped raining and everything looked fresh and vibrant. There were times that I had to excuse myself to wipe a tear away, but I knew that I was giving them (and myself) a gift and I just needed to suck it up. These are some of my favorite images of all time and every time I look at them I see a beautiful and strong woman and the most wonderful family supporting her every step of the way. <3