Our Family Portraits!!!

Today's the day!!! We are getting family portraits done by the wonderful Jenn at Darling Photography. I am SO excited and nervous. Seriously (and I can't believe I am saying this) we have never had portraits done as a family yet. I know, I know, sacrilegious. However, after today I can finally say that I completely know how my clients feel when they stand in front of my camera all nervous and excited. And don't even get me started on picking out the wardrobe for this shoot. Holy crap, that was hard.

One more little story before I head out...We had the option of postponing our little shoot today because of the rain. We could have a slot in October instead if we wanted to. Honestly, I never thought twice. I would rather take an umbrella and have pictures in the rain than postpone. You see, we never know what tomorrow will bring. Right now, my family is healthy, happy and most importantly here. Sometimes when you are shooting (ha, ha pun!) for perfection you might miss your opportunity to capture your life as it is right now. So, I ask all of you to take a second and photograph your life as it is right now. And ladies, you must get into the picture too! I don't care if it is a cell picture, film, dslr or a professional that is documenting your life. Just do it! You will thank me later. <3

Update (10.23.14) Here is my favorite image from our shoot!!!