The power of post processing | Maine Headshot photographer

So I wanted to share a little before/after with you all so you can actually see the difference between a picture from straight out of the camera and the final image exported from Photoshop. I wasn't about to share one of my lovely client's before and afters because, well it can be a little embarrassing. So I used my latest round of head shots to show how much work goes into taking an image from the camera to the final print. 

Here is the before/after of my head shot!! See the difference?!?!

So what did it do? Well here is the entire list from start to finish - 

Import into LR, run basic preset, adjust exposure, white balance, contrast, shadows, highlights, whites and darks, export to PS. Run portraiture action, liquify hair and shoulders, fix background, fix blemishes and dark marks, adjust skin tone, dodge and burn eyes, fix hair. Export back to LR and send to print folder. 

Phew! It takes me between 5-10 minutes for EACH image I edit. So to put it another way, for your 30 image gallery it will take me between 2.5 to 5 hours to prepare all of your images for viewing! 

So, now you know what I do all day. <3