Bridal Boudoir | Maine Boudoir Photographer

It's wedding season! I adore all of the beautiful spring weddings that I am seeing. The colors, the flowers, the cakes! Heaven! But what I love the most is all of the brides that are coming to me for bridal boudoir. 

 One of my favorite images of all time!

One of my favorite images of all time!

 We had some beautiful stargazer lilies so I just had her hold them to look like a bouquet. 

We had some beautiful stargazer lilies so I just had her hold them to look like a bouquet. 

 I LOVE this so much!

I LOVE this so much!

 This is my favorite images from our session

This is my favorite images from our session


If you are looking for boudoir images for your husband to be, send me a message! I'd love to be your Boudoir Photographer!

What Dream Studios Are Made Of | Maine Boudoir Photography

I have imagined this studio set for years.

 The lace....the antiques.....the ruffles, oh my!

The lace....the antiques.....the ruffles, oh my!

 Definitely not something that you would let your kids on, or your husband for that matter. 

Definitely not something that you would let your kids on, or your husband for that matter. 

 It's soft and fluffy. Romantic and beautiful and photographs beautifully!

It's soft and fluffy. Romantic and beautiful and photographs beautifully!

I cant wait to reveal this set in action. If this is "how you dream of being photographed" then give us a call to schedule your consultation! We can't wait to help you plan your dream shoot!

"Why Boudoir Shouldn't Just be a Gift for Him, Why it Should Be a Gift for You!

I am so excited that it's almost February! 


Yes, I am one of those girls. I love romance and love and most certainly, I love Valentine's Day (yes I just heard the collective groan from all of you, ha ha).

I love Valentine's Day for all of the traditional reasons, as well as some non traditional reasons. I mean, who can't love a day that is dedicated to LOVE? I love the flowers (hello, florist over here), I love the chocolates, the red and white decorations, the cards, stuffed animals, jewelry and basically anything in the first two rows at Rite Aid. It's the perfect mid winter pick me up!

I would say that about half of the ladies that come to see me are looking to give their husbands or significant other something really special. What ends up happening though is they get something much greater than a folio box for him. They get a boost of confidence and a renewed sense of love for themselves! It's probably THE greatest part about my job. Watching the confidence build and build during the shoot and then during the reveal seeing their face light up. Every single one of them says -

I can't believe that is me!


It is one of the best gifts that you can give to yourself. An experience that has all the feels. Anxiety and fear mixed in with confidence and excitement. I can definitely say that this experience will change you in so many ways. 

Plus your man (or lady) will totally dig it too. <3

Eliza | Boudoir | Maine Boudoir Photographer

The beautiful Eliza came into the studio for her boudoir session in January. She mentioned before the shoot that she had very long hair. I didn't realize how long it actually was until she showed up for her shoot and both Suzanne, my stylist, and I gasped. It was so beautiful and I was instantly excited to see it all curled up and flowing. Check out the gorgeous Eliza below!

Trena | Boudoir | Maine Boudoir Photographer

Five years. That's how long it took Trena to come into my studio for a boudoir session. We are very close friends and we'd chat about it and maybe pick a date on the calendar but it never stuck, until now. You see, she wasn't ready and I totally honered that. I kept telling her that when she was ready, I would be waiting. I am SO glad we did because not only did she gain confidence over the years, I gained experience and I am just thrilled with the outcome! Love you Trena!

Sophie | Glamour | Maine Glamour Photographer

When I first saw a picture of my dear Sophie I knew immediately that we were going to do vintage glamour. She just had that je ne sais quoi. Even my glam master herself, Melissa, screamed with delight when she saw her. She looked at me and said "we must do finger waves". The styling was impeccible and when I saw what Sophie brought with her for wardrobe, I nearly died. This was one of those shoot that I will remember for a long time. I actually cried when I saw the images on the screen. I hope you love them as much as I do. <3

Here's what Sophie had to say: "Oh my gosh - I cannot say enough about Ledgehill Photography! I had a 40's style photo shoot today with Kayte and it was not only professional and comfortable, but the photos she took made me see myself in a totally different light! I am excited to have had such a wonderful experience today at what I'm sure will have been one of many sessions with Kayte!"

Jenn | Glamour | Maine Glamour Photographer

I've known Jenn a long time. I mean a really long time. Like I actually can't remember when we met because it was literally over 20 years ago. Anyway, when she responded to my model call I couldn't believe it. You see, my dear friend Jenn had recently experienced a life changing event. The kind of event that shakes your foundation, changing the way you think, feel, everything. I knew that it must have been almost impossible for her to reach out to me for this shoot and I jumped at the chance to book it. There was a moment for me right before the shoot that I literally felt sick to my stomach with the enormity of it all. I frequently work to change women's view points about themselves through my work and also my voice. For this to be a success, not only did Jenn have to hear me, like really hear me, but I needed to show her what a beautiful, confident, wonderful, funny and blessed woman she is. I hope that this shoot chanced her even a tiny bit, because it certainly changed me. <3

Here's what Jenn had to say: "This photo shoot was such an amazing experience on so many levels. Kayte is THE definition of professionalism. From start to finish I was made to feel so special. I would recommend Kayte to anybody!! Fantastic!!"

Amy | Pin Up | Maine Pin Up Photographer

I loved this shoot so much! Amy knew exactly what she wanted and brought everything she needed to pull it off. Including borrowing tools from her hubby's workshop. We spent hours in hair and makeup and my amazing stylist Melissa nailed it! Unfortunately Amy had to race home after our session to wipe all of the makeup off since she was giving the images to her husband for his birthday a month later. Lol! Check out these awesome pin up images of Amy!!

Amanda | Pin Up| Maine Pin Up Photographer

When Amanda responded to my model call saying she wanted to do a Pin Up shoot, I was literally jumping out of my seat. I knew that she would nail it! When she walked in with the giant victory roll in her hair and bring red lips, I couldn't believe it. We had such a blast with this shoot. Here is just a sampling of the images we created since most of them are confidential. Although she did say that I can show her amazing leather album to any lady that wants to see it. <3 

Nicki | Glamour | Maine Glamour Photographer

This was one of those shoots that I was on the edge of my seat waiting for. I knew as soon as Nicki and I met that we would hit it off. I mean, the girl wanted to do a glitter shot. Who doesn't love that (well, as long as we were outside and I was really far away from the drop zone)? The pinnacle of the shoot happened at the viewing session though. It is always nerve wracking when my clients cry when they see their images. For a split second, I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing. Lol. This time it was good, well great actually. She loved the images and more importantly was so proud of herself for doing this shoot with me. I think it changed her. It certainly put a pep in her step when she left my studio. Hopefully every time she sees these images she remembers not only how beautiful she is but also how brave she is. Kudos my friend, kudos. <3

Check out what Nicki had to say: "Putting yourself out there for someone you are not familiar with is very difficult... But you made it absolutely beautiful experience and made me feel so comfortable from the very second I met you! Thank you for taking the time with me and helping me get the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen!"

Chelsea | Glamour | Maine Glamour Photographer

I adore this girl. I really do! I've known Chelsea for what seems like forever, but in reality it has only been a couple of years. We met when she was the maid of honor at a wedding I photographed, and we hit it off immediately. Every year, she comes to me for a photo session and every year we have a blast! This year was no exception. Love you girl! Move back to Maine soon, will ya?

Dawn | Glamour | Maine Glamour Photographer

I have to tell you this was an extra special treat for me to photograph Dawn. I've known her for years and this is the first time I have seen her do something just for her. With two daughters and a hubby at home she puts herself last as do most of us working women. So, I was giddy to get her all dolled up for the photoshoot! Melissa Doody did an AMAZING job on her hair and makeup and when we got into the studio, Dawn just nailed it! Check out Dawn rocking the old school glamour look!

Elissa | Boudoir| Maine Boudoir Photographer

I can't even tell you how awesome this session was! Elissa was the first of my model call winners and to say I was nervous was an understatement. This was kind of a new territory for me in that everything would be signed, sealed and delivered in one day! I had a lot to think about. The funny thing was that Elissa didn't seem nervous at all! We hung out during hair and makeup and really got to know each other. By the time we got to the studio to start shooting, we were having such a blast it was kind of like Christmas morning putting the wardrobe together.! Check out the amazing Elissa!!

Before/After (Hair and Makeup styling by Melissa Doody)

This is what Elissa had to say: "Talent and professionalism all rolled into one!"